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Will Your Pager Company Do All This?

It will if itís Personal Page!

  1. Cellular Plus

  2. Personal Page solves the cellular phone problem, fewer interruptions, more efficient business communications and always lower total costs. And you donít need to pay for extra features like caller id and call guardian.

  3. Text Plus
  4. With Personal Page text pagers you can receive text messages from any touch tone phone, internet connection, or with e-mail.

  5. Internet Plus
  6. Anyone with an internet connection can page your Personal Page text pager anytime, from anywhere in the world, for free.

  7. Convenience Plus
  8. Local offices in Fairbanks and Anchorage, and real people answering the phones. Personal Page makes using a pager easier.

  9. Service Plus
  10. Accounts are managed, questions are answered, and account service is provided in our Alaskan offices without delay.

  11. Reception Plus
  12. Personal Page provides better reception in wider coverage areas, and better Trans-Alaska paging service.

  13. Buy Alaska Plus
  14. Competitive prices and fair value. Quality products and services. In stock availability or will get it ASAP. Personal service before, during, and after the sale. Alaskan owned and operated.

  15. Economy Plus
  16. With economical paging plans Personal Page assures you less expensive paging with fewer problems.

  17. Pager Plus
  18. Personal Page stocks state of the art pagers. And is always updating them with newer and improved pagers. We offer pagers at a very feasible cost.

  19. Plus means Better

Add it all up and Personal Page is bigger, easier, newer, friendlier, and quicker. Less expensive, too!

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